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All Good Seats FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Top Questions:

  • When will my tickets ship, and how soon will they arrive?
    • Delivery will vary by event, ticket, and seller. The tickets will be shipped as quickly as the order has been received and the payment has been verified. However, some tickets have not been printed or distributed by the box office or original issuer. Tickets aren't guaranteed to ship immediately, but are guaranteed to arrive in time for the event. You can call customer support about existing orders to check on delivery and status updates.

  • Why is the price on the tickets different than what I paid?
    • Tickets are listed on our site by many different brokers and sellers. This means that each person listing (or selling) tickets on our website can list (sell) them for the price that they seem fit. Some factors in the the pricing of tickets include the demand for the tickets, the cost to obtain the tickets, the location of the seats (ie: front row or suites) as well as market value of similar tickets for the same event.

      The price mark-up on our site is designed to include the many costs incurred by sellers to obtain hard-to-get tickets, sold out tickets and premium tickets so our customers can have an extensive variety and purchase seats they desire. Our sellers often can pay face value plus applicable fees (and taxes) as well as have fee-based memberships in fan clubs in order to obtain premium tickets.

  • The event is soon and I need a ticket. What can I do?
    • You can purchase tickets the same day of an event if the tickets can be arranged for local pickup, will call, or email (e-tickets). Local pickup (also referred to as "Last Minute Pick Up"), means that you will pick up your tickets at a location at or near the venue the day of the event. Will call is a ticket pick-up window, office or booth at the venue and tickets typically are available for pick up roughly 1 hour before the start of the event. Email means that your tickets will be e-mailed to you so you can later print them at home on a normal printer and regular printer paper.

  • Will my seats be together?
    • Yes, all seats are guaranteed to be seated together (side by side) unless explicitly noted otherwise. Seats that are not side by side must be noted as being "piggybacked" or "split" in which case, the tickets are in front / behind eachother instead of side by side.

  • Why aren't seat numbers listed for the tickets?
    • Our sellers will not disclose the seat numbers for tickets publicly on our website for many reasons. The main reason may be to protect privacy (they could be season ticket holders) but mainly to prevent double-booking of tickets. Specific numbered seats would result in customers buying the same seats as another customer at the same time. For instance, if seats 1-4 are available in row B, 2 sets of customers could purchase seats 1 and 2. Our method ensures that this conflict will be avoided.

Questions About the Website:

  • What is
    • We're a worldwide network through which registered and credible ticket companies and brokers resell event tickets. We do not own, price, or ship the tickets on our website, we process the orders and the sellers will ship the tickets to you.

  • Is my transaction safe?
    • Yes, our website is PCI Compliant and tested daily for security and authenticity by McAfee. We have the latest fraud-protection technology installed in our system to assure our customers a secure transaction.

  • How can I contact you?

Questions About Delivery:

  • When will my tickets ship, and how soon will they arrive?
    • Ticket delivery can vary extensively event-by-event, ticket-by-ticket, and seller-by-seller. Sellers will nevertheless ship your tickets as soon as they receive them in their office. Please note that some tickets are not printed and/or distributed by event promoters until a few weeks prior to their event. Tickets are therefore not guaranteed to ship immediately, but will definitely get to you before the event itself. You can also always contact your ticket supplier directly if you have any questions or concerns about ticket delivery.

  • How are my tickets shipped?
    • A large majority of our tickets are shipped via FedEx. We feel that FedEx offers the quickest and safest delivery at a reasonable cost.

  • Will a signature be needed for my ticket package?
    • Yes, we highly encourage the shpiiers to require a signature for delivery. This is to make sure your tickets are physically received as opposed to being left outside your door. You can contact your seller directly after the order is processed to make alternate arrangements.

Questions about Ticket Listings:

  • Why can't I purchase a certain quantity of tickets?
    • We prefer to list event tickets in pairs to decrease the likelyhood that we'll have single tickets remaining in a set of tickets. Typically, it is much harder to sell an individual ticket than a pair of tickets.

  • What is Zone Seating?
    • Zone seating is a recent introduction in the secondary ticket market that borrows entertainment trends from Europe. The seating itself involves venues being geographically demarcated into various chunks according to some visual model. The chunks concerned are often dubbed "Zones" and randomly drawn and marked with varying creativity. (Zones could be labeled as A, B, C or GOLD, SILVER, BRONZE or any such system of categorization.) Event-goers are then given options to purchase seats based solely on their Zone location. (Some sellers will choose to specify seating location in greater detail in their ticket notes.)

Questions about Tickets:

  • What happens if my tickets are lost or stolen?
    • Event tickets are mostly one-of-a-kind and irreplaceable items. The reason for such restrictions is to prevent ticket fraud. Customers could contact their seller to see if it is possible to re-access or re-print lost tickets. E-Tickets or email tickets can always be re-printed if the customer still has the original email delivery.

  • What is an E-Ticket?
    • E-Tickets are tickets sent via e-mail and printed on regular paper using a regular printer. Printed paper tickets have a barcode which will be valid for entry into an event.

  • What is a Paperless Ticket?
    • Paperless tickets aren't like traditional paper tickets and they don't involve having a physical ticket in hand. Ticket purchases are instead associated with the credit card originally used for a ticket purchase. This credit card has to be swiped for venue entry. Customers access events using paperless tickets by being escorted into the event by a representative from the seller (the original purchaser of the ticket) or by being provided with the credit card used by the seller for the original ticket purchase.

  • What is a Flash Ticket?
    • Flash tickets are a new innovation used for ticket distribution by event promoters. Customers with "flash" tickets access their tickets by swiping a credit card (the one used for the original ticket purchase) at a venue kiosk. This kiosk will then print out a ticket receipt that the event goer can present to venue personnel as a means to gain entry to the event. (Customer should contact their seller directly with any additional questions about flash ticketing.)

Questions about Other Issues:

  • What happens if an event is postponed?
    • Postponed events mean that the tickets possessed by customers will become valid for the rescheduled date of the event. Please note, event postponement doesn't entitle customers to a refund of their tickets.

  • What if the event is cancelled?
    • Cancelled events entitle customers to a 100% refund (less shipping) of their original purchase. Customers should contact their ticket seller directly for further information about any proposed refunds.