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Redfoo keeps up the party spirit in his solo work
The popularity of LMFAO was, in part, due to their infectious energy ... He’s also required during the tour that brings him to Nanaimo’s Beban Park Social Centre on Friday ...

LMFAO Concert Canceled; Cops Suspect Arson In Fire During Honduras Concert
LMFAO had to cut their concert short in Honduras Wednesday night when a fire broke out inside the venue they were performing in. TMZ is reporting that the blaze started ...

LMFAO Concert Results in Losses for ASCMC
As a result of underwhelming ticket sales, ASCMC will face a loss estimated at $25,000 following the LMFAO concert on April 2 nd at Bridges Auditorium. Deficient public support for ...

Suspicious fire breaks out at LMFAO concert
A Honduras concert performance by hot American rap duo LMFAO was interrupted when smoke and flames broke out near the end of their set early Thursday morning - and cops ...
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