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Coldplay tickets are shipped using FedEx. Premium concert tickets for Coldplay can be purchased online, 24 hours a day. Get great specials for Coldplay concert tickets and more. Our stock of tickets is full so make sure you go through all of them to find the best deal. All tickets listed are from licensed and professional resellers. Our 125% guarantee ensures that your tickets will arrive on time, will be the tickets you ordered and will be reall and legitimate. Front Row Seats as well as the better seats are generally going to be more expensive, however All Good Seats offers discounts so you have the ability to purchase them for less.

Coldplay Schedule 2015 - 2016

Global Citizen Festival:   9/26/2015  -   Great Lawn At Central Park  -   New York, NY
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Coldplay event tickets are available for purchase! Buying tickets for Coldplay is safe, fast and secure. Attention Coldplay fans... sells tons of great Coldplay tickets and cheap Coldplay tickets. With hundreds of choices you are guaranteed to find the best deal on tickets. Performing their hit songs almost everyone loves this artist is sure to make your night performing their unique sound and catchy lyrics.